Cognitive Dissonance

Cut open my heart with your
Wit both dull and rusty
Black blood bathes my breasts
Fills me with emptiness
Battling daily bile and gore
Hatred spewed, viscous lava
Vicious slander soaks my bones from
Those that suckle against their breast
Holy weapons of mass ignorance
Repeating mantras of amendments
Who wish their hands be cold and dead
Who recoil at the thought of difference
Who use the blood of innocents
To wash their hands of guilt and blame
To wash their minds of unpleasant truths
Truths of dissonance, cognitive
I grow weary of this onslaught
This acid rain of toxic thought
Down a manhole to the sewers
Where it's relatively clean
Enough! I cry to deafened ears
Enough of your pathetic pleas
Crawl back to your angry god
And plead on your pathetic knees