Cognitive Dissonance

Cut open my heart with your
Wit both dull and rusty
Black blood bathes my breasts
Fills me with emptiness
Battling daily bile and gore
Hatred spewed, viscous lava
Vicious slander soaks my bones from
Those that suckle against their breast
Holy weapons of mass ignorance
Repeating mantras of amendments
Who wish their hands be cold and dead
Who recoil at the thought of difference
Who use the blood of innocents
To wash their hands of guilt and blame
To wash their minds of unpleasant truths
Truths of dissonance, cognitive
I grow weary of this onslaught
This acid rain of toxic thought
Down a manhole to the sewers
Where it's relatively clean
Enough! I cry to deafened ears
Enough of your pathetic pleas
Crawl back to your angry god
And plead on your pathetic knees

Men are Biologically Incapable of Creating Quality Software 

Remember that time, you were about to hit the Save button, and everything froze. Your mouse cursor wouldn’t move. Three hours of work, down the drain. Odds are it was a man that wrote that wrote the code that caused your computer to hang. Our computing life is rife with applications that crash, behave oddly, squirrel away necessary features in a maze of menus, and dish out error messages that require a degree in cryptology to decipher.
Who can we blame for this terrible situation? Men, of course, they make up the majority of software developers. If we complain, they say we should have saved more often, or we’re lucky we have the application at all. The most common solution offered is to turn your computer off and then on again. So I have to look for the reasons behind these failures.
Statistics show that men are bullheaded and egocentric. They are unable to cooperate or collaborate in ways that are effortless for women. It is this lack of willingness to work with one another that make men supremely unsuited to software development. Men bullied their way into software jobs when they discovered they could make a lot of money with very little effort. Now they’ve made a mess of the entire industry, and continue to resist women who only wish to come in and clean things up.
If your computers don’t talk to one another, blame men. Men just aren’t very good communicators, and the computers they build are their mirror-image. And if your computers are no longer useful after two years? Yep, just like men. Does your computer behave in ways that are arbitrary and cryptic? Does it refuse to format things the way YOU want and offer no reason for disobeying? Again, they act just like the men that constructed them.
Men have dominated the software industry, and have shunned any attempt to control their efforts, and make computers more friendly. So we continue to be surrounded by their stubborn, unaccommodating creations that impede our lives and frustrate our desires. It is time for women to take back this important work and create quality software that we all can use.